How To Encourage Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty image

Customer loyalty is all about attracting the right customer, getting them to buy from you, return frequently to buy again, and bring you even more customers. It can help you forecast sales, market your target audience, build on existing relationships and most importantly, boost sales!

Start building customer loyalty today by following these six straightforward tips.


Step 1

Give your customers something to come back for! – This extends from the product you are offering, to the service they receive when they walk into your store or visit your website. Ask yourself; is the product up to scratch or could it use a little tweaking? How well do the staff know the products/ services they are selling? How easy is it for your customers to navigate and use your website?

The experience customers have with you when purchasing your product or service needs to be as easy as possible and memorable (for all the right reasons!).


Step 2

Encourage and reward loyalty – Let your repeat customers know you appreciate their business by offering an incentive or reward. You can do this through loyalty cards, discounts, special offers or even a small gift. It’s important to keep in mind that not all rewards need to be monetary based – you can only reduce your prices so much, so think outside the box!


Step 3

Be accessible by creating an online community – Encouraging feedback, offering insightful tips and providing relevant information will help you build relationships with your customers. There are so many social media platforms out there these days that are relatively easy to set up and maintain. So, pick a platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the more common ones) and make it easy for people to join in the conversation and get to know you and your business.


Step 4

Follow up – If you tell a customer that you will get back to them – whether it’s regarding a sale or a complaint, then do it! Leaving your customers out in the cold is a sure fire way of losing them as well as encouraging bad word-of-mouth. Emails and phone calls are cheap, and an easy way to follow up.


Step 5

Be transparent and honest – People like to do business with people they can trust, so when something goes wrong, own up to it. You’ll find that people can be quite forgiving if they like you.


Step 6

Create a system and use it – Create and fine-tune a system and use it every day. If you want to develop customer loyalty as well as making a sale, be consistent in your approach to business and the way your present yourself (and the brand) to your customers.


In short, the fastest way to build customer loyalty is to ‘treat your customers the way you want to be treated’.

And finally, ensure your marketing plan includes strategies and tactics to encourage customer loyalty and retention – it won’t happen without you having a plan to follow!